We move forward based on interpersonal communication, high demands, undiminished quality and two-way trust.

Choosing our services, we promise that we will manage your catering, strictly adhering to the specifications and deadlines given, with precision, efficiency and professionalism.

Trade, Storage & Distribution of Foods

We provide food storage and distribution services in ambient, refrigeration or freezing conditions.

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Catering industry

We fully understand the growing demands of mass catering and catering-supplying, both in private and public sectors.

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Retail Chain

Homemade Kitchen is currently in its 7th year of operation. It started as the most innovative program in collaboration with municipalities in Greece, and gradually began to expand autonomously and independently.

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Modern equipment of the latest technology

The SALAS S.A. Group has experienced, continuously professionally trained human resources, of high specialization and expertise, excellent building infrastructure & distribution network with a fleet of 50 trucks / refrigerators