The Company


Our facilities extend to building units in a total volume of over 30,000 cubic meters.

We have facilities based on:
  • Geographical Sorting - Mainland and islandic Greece – in service of all company activities.
  • Sorting according to the activity.


Small and flexible production units that meet Greek and European legislation with the production, storage and product distribution of cold and hot kitchen.
Our production units have been inspected, among other services, by the Single Food Control Agency (EFET) who is the only body in connection with the united European Bodies for the distribution of products in the European Union. Each production unit owns a unique code (IMP), which makes our company able to distribute products in both European and international markets.

We maintain five customer catering units with modern and high standard specialized facilities throughout Greece.


Our fleet consists of 25 fully equipped trucks all having the necessary certificates from the competent health service and the local veterinary services, thus making our fleet ready to operate after the appropriate annual inspections of the audit authorities.