The Company

SALAS Group S.A. is a pioneer in food storage and distribution services, as well as the production and supply of catering services throughout Greece, with over 30 years of experience.

Our activity in the food sector includes:

  • Hot and Cold Foods Production 
  • Supply chain management (including warehousing, handling, order grouping, logistics design, human resources, distribution teams, packaging / repackaging)
  • Wholesale distribution and supply of retail food and groceries
  • Food and Beverage Management and institutional catering ( including workplace canteens, hospitals and schools)
  • Humanitarian Supply Management and Logistics

We meet increased and multifaceted food needs with tailor-made and mobile production and distribution of large portions of food throughout Greece for the private and public sector.

  • Private Sector (Companies, Educational Organizations, Sports Organizations)
  • In the Public Sector (Legal Entities of Public Law, Military Units, Schools, Migrant Care Centers)

Our People

Our people are our strength. We work flexibly and encourage cross-departmental collaboration.

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We operate based on interpersonal communication, high standards and two-way trust.

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